(select Download, Open -- key name, disregard ID (computer number) and email. When finished, select "Submit". You have one submission. Good Luck!

September 8 (Tuesday) :: Discuss financial planning and personal finance, along with different types of financial institutions and services.

  • BR - CE Money/Finance
  • Guest Speaker - Mr. Jonathan Fowler from Redstone Federal Credit Union - take good notes!
  • Test look good! - Update grades.
  • Seniors - use this as your pass to take your test tomorrow, Wednesday, at 8 AM in Room 135.
  • Thank you for being great for the sub!

Log into Canvas - we are gearing up for the switch! It is your log-in used for the computer.

September 4 (Friday) :: Explore career opportunities.

  • Guest Speaker on Tuesday :: Mr. Jonathan Fowler, Redstone Federal Credit Union

labor day.jpg

Have a fabulous 3-day weekend!

September 3 (Thursday) :: Demonstrate mastery of basic money management skills.

  • BR: Last minute study for test
  • Money Management Test -- Seniors will have time to take the test; if they wish to wait, the retest will be Wednesday, September 9, before school in Room 135 - ask for a pass.
  • Thank you to Mr. Jordan Hutchison
  • Shark Tank

September 2 (Wednesday) :: Discuss financial management

  • BR - take survey (even if you have already - there was a glitch in the system ~ Thank you)
  • Submit HW Income and Expense worksheet.
  • Guest speaker :: Mr. Jordan Hutchinson, Oak Tree Financial Services - take good notes (hint)!
  • Review for test -- test on Thursday (those who are attending the College Fair will take the test next week)
  • Friday - Career Research Project (sub)

September 1 (Tuesday) :: Evaluate the purpose of an Income and Expense Statement income vs expenses.jpeg
  • BR (Bell Ringer) - Look up Oak Tree Financial Services (Huntsville, AL) on the Internet and read and record in your notebook:
    • Who they are?
    • Services they offer?
    • Who is Jordan Hutchison?
    • How do they value integrity?
  • Introduce Income and Expense Statement
    • Purpose, components (income vs expenses); create an Income and Expense Statement
  • Guest Speaker tomorrow - Mr. Jordan Hutchison, Oak Tree Financial Services
  • Test Thursday on Money Management Unit!
    • Depository Institutions
    • Checking Procedures (including reconciling a bank statement)
    • Statement of Financial Position
    • Income and Expense Statement

Friday's Half-Day Schedule:
8:30-9:55 1st Block
9:55-10:00 Transition
10:00-11:30 2nd Block
11:30 Car Riders Dismissal
11:30-12:00 (Students Lunch) ** Students have two places to go at this time (Gym One or Lunchroom)
12:00 Bus Dismissal

August 31 (Monday) :: Discuss the importance of a healthy net worth.

  • CE Finance/Money
  • Complete Personal Statement of Financial Position and follow-up questions (submit - staple printout of Statement of Financial Position to the back of the questions).
  • Net Worth Knowledge - due at end of class; if not complete for homework
  • Progress Report
  • Friday, Half-Day, September 4th - dismissal after 2nd block.

August 28 (Friday) :: Discuss the components of a Statement of Financial Position.

  • Bell Ringer :: Edmodo - Assignment (only I can view)
  • Submit Checking Simulation
  • Statement of Financial Position
  • Pep Rally
    • 1st 8:30-9:43
    • Pep Rally 9:48-10:29
    • 2nd 10:33-11:45

August 27 (Thursday) :: Describe the importance of net worth and compare the difference between income and net worth. net worth.jpeg

  • CE: Money/Finance
  • Share Banking Institutions
  • Introduce Statement of Financial Position
  • Checking simulation due tomorrow upon entering class!

August 26 (Wednesday) :: Demonstrate correct checking procedures
  • Blog posting - Edmodo - 3 things learned from guest speakers
  • Thank you to guest speakers
  • Reconciling a Bank Statement
  • Checking Simulation - Due Friday, August 28, upon entering class

August 25 (Tuesday) :: Discuss the importance of financial and career planning.

August 24 (Monday) :: Demonstrate proper checking procedures. checking.jpeg
  • CE: Finance/Business related
  • Share PowToons – group evaluations (each day share a couple)
  • Explore checking accounts – service offered by a depository institution
  • Writing checks vs using a debit card; recording information in checkbook register; bank statement - reconciliation
  • Checking procedures
  • Guest Speaker tomorrow :: Mrs. Jewart – Career Coach from CCC


happy friday.jpegAugust 21 (Friday) :: Complete depository institution project.

  • Thank you to the students (and their parent/guardian) for attending PTO. Awesome group!
  • If you missed FBLA you may still join. See me after class.
  • Wrap-up PowToon Depository -- publish - we are having a few tech issues :(
  • Submit Rubric :: Complete peer evaluation -- anonymous!
  • Will do a unit test (Depository Institutions, Financial Position, and Financial Statements)

August 20 (Thursday) :: Create an animation presentation on a depository institution.

  • BR (Bell Ringer) :: Locate information regarding Oak Street Bootmakers and be prepared to share
  • Group Activity - PowToon Depository Institution Project (see rubric - Test Grade)
  • Progress Reports
  • Open House Tonight @ 5:30 PTO Meeting; See below for schedule
  • FBLA Meeting tomorrow at 8 AM in the library - Dues $25

Open House Schedule
5:30-5:40 General Meeting(PTO)
5:40-5:45 Transition
5:45-5:50 Homeroom
5:50-5:55 Transition
5:55-6:03 1st Block and A Schedule
6:03-6:08 Transition
6:08-6:16 2nd Block and A Schedule
6:16-6:21 Transition
6:21-6:29 3rd Block and A schedule
6:29-6:34 Transition
6:34-6:42 4th Block
6:42-6:47 Transition
6:47-6:55 1st Block B Schedule
6:55-7:00 Transition
7:00-7:08 2nd Block B Schedule
7:08-7:13 Transition
7:13-7:21 3rd/4th Block B Schedule
7:21- Open House Ends

August 19 (Wednesday) :: Compare and contrast depository institutions. edmodo.png

  • Blog posting :: Sign into Edmodo; read the article and generate your post (be mindful of using correct grammar, sentence structure, and spelling).
  • Compare and Contrast Depository Institutions (handout - complete and submit)
  • Read - Depository Institution material (will be responsible for material on test)
  • Group Project :: TEST GRADE! View tutorials on PowToon (see link below) - create; go over rubric
  • Progress Reports tomorrow!

August 18 (Tuesday) :: Identify services and functions of a depository institution.

  • Update Outlook calendar with wiki information
  • CE - Business/Finance
  • Depository Institutions
  • What is the Federal Reserve? Who is the Chair?
  • View tutorials for PowToon (PowToon QuickStart Guide -- several short and sweet)

August 17 (Monday) :: Discuss types of financial institutions and services.

  • CE - Finance/Money related
  • Update grades from test :: Tests look good!
  • Set-up Outlook; default printer
  • Introduction of Depository Institutions
  • Access PowToon

August 14 (Friday) :: Demonstrate knowledge of financial decisions by taking an assessment.
  • Financial Decision Test ~ Good Luck!
  • Submit homework
  • Complete and submit Alibaba
  • Class Meetings:
    • 12th Grade- 9:29- 9:59
    • 11th Grade- 11:01- 11:31
    • 10th Grade- 2:03- 2:33
  • Monday :: Managing Your Money
Have a fabulous weekend!

August 13 (Thursday) :: I will create financial goals.
  • Current Event (CE) - business related
  • Setting Financial Goals
  • Test tomorrow!
  • Alibaba

August 12 (Wednesday) :: I will set financial goals using SMART procedures.
  • Locate an article pertaining to finance; read the article and be prepared to discuss with the class.
  • Setting Financial Goals - The Road to Financial Fitness
  • Expect a test on Friday
  • Class meetings on Friday

August 11 (Tuesday) :: I will set financial goals.

  • Read the article, "The Best Companies to Work For" and be prepared to discuss with the class.
  • Complete and submit Vocabulary from "Making Wise Decision"
  • Setting Financial Goals

August 10 (Monday) :: I will identify types of decisions,Utilize the steps in the decision making process, and understand how decision making affects future self. decisions.jpeg

  • decision
  • decision-making process
  • financial decision
  • major decision
  • opportunity cost
  • routine decision
  • trade off
  • well-being
  • values


August 7 :: Share 10 year goals

  • Collect paperwork
  • Organize binders - grade
  • Share 10 year collage goals
  • FBLA :: 1st meeting August 21

August 6 :: Explore career opportunities. thank you image.jpeg
  • Collect paperwork
  • All paperwork and supplies due tomorrow -- 3 ring binder; 2 divider tabs; paper - daily grade!
  • Thank you to Dr. Clanton
  • Collage - complete and submit -- submit rubric (paperclip to front of collage)
  • FBLA information :: 1st meeting August 21 in the library

August 5 :: Explore career and college opportunities.
  • Collect paperwork - supplies and all paperwork due Friday
  • Guest Speaker :: Dr. Clanton, College & Career - take good notes (hint)
  • Collage will be due at the end of class tomorrow, Thursday, August 6.

August 4 :: Explore future personal and career goals. external image get%20your%20future%20started.jpg
  • Collect paperwork (all supplies and paperwork due Friday, August 7) - daily grade!
  • Review expectations/school polices and procedures and emergency procedures.
  • Log-in and setup shortcuts and calendar.
  • Roll out my future
  • Collage of life 10 years from now - due Thursday (August 6).
  • Guest speaker tomorrow!

August 3 :: Welcome to Career Preparedness.

Career Preparedness is a one-credit course; required for graduation and focuses on three integrated areas of academic planning/career development, financial literacy and technology. Course content ranges from college and career preparation to computer literacy skills to ways to manage personal finance and reduce personal risk. The area of technology is designed to be interwoven throughout course instruction. Mastery of the content standards provides a strong foundation for student acquisition of the skills, attitude and knowledge that enable them to achieve success in school, work and across the life span preparing the students to be college and career ready.

Units Covered:
  • Personal decision-making
  • Academic planning and career development
  • Technology skill applications
  • Managing finances and budgeting
  • Saving and investing
  • Banking and financial institutions
  • Credit and debt
  • Risk management and insurance

>Signed material is due by Friday, August 7.
>Get involved! Join FBLA. Dues are $25, which includes a t-shirt. Meetings are once a month before school.